"Acoustic music with links to Jazz, contemporary and middle eastern music. The sound of Tolga's guitar sometimes resembles that of an ud, reminding one of Renaud Garcia Fonds. The pieces are ambitious, well-worked compositions, that let the music breathe and invite us to a dreamlike travel. Tolga has a very natural, clear sound, and plays inspired improvisations that are disciplined and deeply musical." Francis Couvreux, Etudes Gitanes

About OttoMani...

OttoMani (eight hands in Italian) is a new musical project that
blends western contemporary music and Jazz with elements from traditional music from around the Mediterranean sea. The compositions are all written by Tolga During, a Dutch-Turkish guitarist who's currently living in Italy. Although the music is meticulously arranged, there's also much space for improvisation and interplay.


'Tolga is a musician who combines a unique and arresting style with a masterful technique. His music is striking yet remains pure and uncluttered.' Turkish Daily News



Latest news

CD coming! Ottomani has found an agreement with a record label to record the first album. The material is ready. Recording in April 2017. Details coming soon.
Ottomani invited to Stranger than Paranoia Festival, Holland 2017.
New video's from the concert in Pisa: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWNZe7uRNKSPTS6W8-mL4w3iw61VnlTic
Francesco Ganassin:
bass clarinet

Clarinetist, improviser and teacher. He plays, arranges and composes in many different artistic settings; from sonorized fairy tales to free improvisation, from folk to jazz. Since 2003 he played with Calicanto, one of the most popular folk groups in Europe, and from 2012 he is director and arranger of the Orchestra Popolare delle Dolomiti. He has given concerts throughout the whole of Europe and has made about twenty records.

Ottomani-Tolga-During. photo: Gino Rosa
Tolga During:
guitar, fretless guitar
Was born in Istanbul in 1977 but grew up on a small island in the north of Holland. He made his debute in 1999 with the CD “Bohemia” opening doors to national and international jazz festivals like Montreux, Bansko, Pori and Terrassa. He kept developing his music and recorded seven more personal albums. For this project he uses a unique instrument built specially for him; an acoustic double neck guitar of which one of the necks is fretless.
Ottomani-Pippi-Dimonte-basso. photo: Gino Rosa
Giuseppe Dimonte:
double bass

Young bass player and composer, began studying classical music and then become passionate about jazz and contemporary music. Thanks to collaborations with different projects he has the opportunity to experience ethnic sounds and specializes in world music. Based in Bologna, he currently works with various groups in Italy and Europe.

Ottomani-Lucio-Forghieri-Percussioni. photo: Gino Rosa
Lucio Forghieri:

Begins studying drums in '91 and after a long journey through Africa and the Middle East he becomes passionate about percussion and begins to study the Darbouka and other oriental percussion instruments with several masters like Elad Neeman, Moshe Nuri, Levent Yildirim, Abdelaziz Kjodary and Zohar Fresco. He is a member and founder of the group Zambra Mora and works in various projects playing oriental and Balkan music.

+0039 334 3766536
Double neck guitar freteless. photo by Gloria Chillotti





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